Wine….yes PLEASE!

I’ve always been a huge fan of wine, but 2020 just made wine that much better (if you know what I mean).

Josh and I have traveled to over 50 countries in the world and we literally tried wine in every single country (sorry North Korea, vineyards aren’t your thing). So, needless to say, wine from Publix doesn’t exactly do the job. That’s where Wine Impress comes in…hope you’re paying attention…

Traveling Blondie Best Wine in Miami

Why I Love Wine Impress

Traveling Blondie Best Wine in Miami

It’s literally been almost impossible to find our favorite wines in the United States. Our favorite wine is Vranec from the Balkan region and literally the ONLY way I was able to find it was through Wine Impress. Not to mention they also customized my order with other similar types of wines.

Why are they so good at this, you ask? Because you tell them what your looking for or what your planning to eat and you have a personal sommelier pick the best wines for you!

Where have they been all my life?!

Their goal is to surprise you with new and special wines which you cannot find in ordinary stores. Are you ready to be impressed? I know I was.

Custom Wine Boxes, Delivered to Your Door

Traveling Blondie Best Wine in Miami

I’m sure you’re wondering how this works or how you can sign up…like yesterday. Just head to their website, answer three simple questions and they’ll select the best 6 wines for you.

Your wines will be delivered straight to your doorstep FOR FREE in 2 business days if you live in South Florida and, if you live elsewhere, they can be shipped right away anywhere in the USA.

Check out their special curated wine boxes like Champagne Brunch, Taste of France, Taste of Spain, a Chardonnay World Tour, and SO much more!

Let me know when you check them out and which wines you love the most! I’m always looking to try new wines!


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Traveling Blondie Best Wine in Miami

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