The capital of Hungary, Budapest is like two towns in one, with the Buda district on one side and Pest on the other. This incredible city offers so much for the traveller, from good food and drinks to stunning architecture and history.

Budapest is just a quick, 2 hour 20 minute train ride from Vienna. We traveled with OBB and were very impressed at the comfort and free wifi. OEBB Website

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When To Go To Budapest:

Spring, Summer and Fall are the high seasons for tourism, but the winter has its own special charm. There is an abundance of Christmas Markets strewn throughout the city, making it so incredibly festive, there’s like a whole new energy to the city, despite the cold!

Where To Stay In Budapest:

The BEST Airbnb in Budapest, Hungary. For $36 off your first Airbnb booking, click for my discount code!
Where To Stay In Budapest, Hungary: Airbnb

This was one of the most beautiful and spacious Airbnb’s we’ve ever stayed in, not to mention that Bernie was one of the most incredibly kind and helpful hosts we’ve had thus far (and I think we’ve stayed in 40+ Airbnb’s). This place is clean, modern and centrally located. Put that together with a super accommodating host and you’ve got the BEST recipe for an unforgettable trip!

Airbnb Budapest Link

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How To Get Around Budapest:

SUBWAY: Because we were so centrally located and we LOVE walking, we didn’t take the subway at all during our visit, although I’m told that it’s a great mode of transport that is clean, fast and safe.

WALKING: As always, you can get some exercise in and save some cash by walking.

TAXI: We hopped in a taxi a few times and had no trouble at all. Just note that you make SURE THE METER IS ON and you’re able to visually see it, as it is known that taxi drivers have scammed tourists before.

***Sadly, Uber has been banned in Budapest, so you’ll have to use the local taxis***

Airport Transport In Budapest

Affordable airport transport in Budapest, Hungary
Airport Transport Via MiniBud
Photo Credit:

MINIBUD was the BEST airport transport service we’ve ever had in all our travels! For 5,900HUF ($22USD), their airport shuttle bus will pick you up at your hotel/Airbnb and take you to your terminal. Booking was seamless and so was the ride.

Minibud Website

Where To Eat & Drink In Budapest:

Hungarikum Bistro

Josh, Miesha & The Traveling Blondie at Hungarikum Bistro in Budapest, Hungary
Where To Eat In Budapest, Hungary: Hungarikum Bistro

This is THE place to eat in Budapest, so much so that they usually have no availability for months ahead of time. Luckily, we snuck in due to a cancellation. As soon as you’re thinking about going to Budapest MAKE A RESERVATION! The food here is traditional Hungarian, with local wine and outstanding service. There’s also a pianist playing live music during your dinner. It’s absolutely perfect. Be sure to get the Crispy Duck Leg, it’s mouthwateringly delicious.

Hungarikum Bistro Website

Szimpla Kert-Ruin Bar

Inside of Simple Kert-Ruin Bar in Budapest, Hungary
Where To Drink In Budapest, Hungary: Szimpla Kert-Ruin Bar

Ask anyone where to drink at in Budapest and ruin bars will surely be the most people thing mentioned, especially Szimpla Kert. Ruin Pubs are found all throughout old District VII in the ruins of abandoned buildings and stores. It’s a one of a kind experience to just stop in a have a look around, even if you don’t drink.

Szimpla Kert Website

Eat in Gozsdu Udvarat-many restauratns

Eat pastries gerbeaud house or szamus groumet house

Ruszwurm Confectionery

Located at Fisherman’s Bastion and a stones throw from Matthias Church, this cute little family run Confectionery is a perfect spot to stop and have coffee and homemade pastry cake, if you can get a table!

Ruszwurm Website

Local Foods To Try In Budapest:


Langos lined up for eating in Budapest, Hungary, with their many different flavors
My Fave Hungarian Food In Budapest: Langos

A deep fried doughy flat bread topped with chicken, potatoes, cheese…anything! If you eat only one thing while visiting this great city, then this must be it! They are quite large and perfect for sharing with 2-4 people.

Gulyas (Goulash) 

Bowl of delicious homemade goulash in Budapest, Hungary
Goulash: A Local Hungarian Comfort Food From

A warm, hearty beefy soup dish with potatoes and veggies native to the region.

Kürtőskalács (Chimney Cakes)

Chimney cakes roasting over an open fire in Budapest, Hungary
The Best Sweet Treat Of Budapest, Hungary: Chimney Cakes
Photo Credit:

The BEST winter treat around! Although we loved the chimney cakes in Prague more, the chimney cakes here were also super yummy!

What To Do In Budapest:

Budapest Card

Photo Credit:

If you’re looking to enter all the top sights, attractions and public transport in the city and would like to save some cash, then grab the Budapest card prior to your arrival! First, you’ll select which card type works best for how long you’ll be visiting. Then you’ll head to a Budapestinfo Point Location at the airport or city center to redeem your card. Fill out the ‘Valid from’ portion of the card, sight the card and you’re good to go! Cost Ranges from 17-33 Euros for 24-72 hour passes (20-40USD).

Budapest Card Info

Széchenyi Chain Bridge

Széchenyi Chain Bridge on a sunny day in Budapest, Hungary
Széchenyi Chain Bridge is a MUST See In Budapest, Hungary

One of the best known landmarks in the city, the Szechenyi Chain Bridge (opened in 1849) spans the famous Danube River and connects the Buda district to the Pest district.

Chain Bridge Information

Buda Castle Funicular

The funicular is a historical trolley which takes you up to Buda Castle in Budapest
Take A Fun Ride Up To The Top Of Budapest, Hungary, On The Buda Castle Funicular

The Funicular is a short railway car that is a fun and easy way to get to the migrate to the top of Buda Castle, especially if walking up a giant hill isn’t you’re forte. We opted out of the Funicular and chose to save the cash and tackle it on foot.

Hours: 7:30am-10pm daily (car runs every 5-10 min)

Cost: Return ticket-1800HUF (6.85USD)

Buda Castle Funicular Website

Buda Castle

Buda Castle seen from the Széchenyi Chain Bridge in Budapest, Hungary
Top Things To Do In Budapest, Hungary: Visit the Iconic Buda Castle

Buda Castle is the massive castle of Budapest, located on the Buda side of the Danube River. It’s also the palace where the Hungarian kings reside and home to the National Gallery and Budapest History Museum. One could spend a whole day or even a week here!

Prices and hours are for both the National Gallery and History Museum.

Hours: 10am-4pm/6pm depending on the season

Cost: 1800/2000 HUF Low/High Season (6.85/7.61USD)

Buda Castle Website

Fishermans Bastion

Fisherman's Bastion, located in Budapest, Hungary, offers pristine, white architecture all around
The BEST Site To See In All Of Budapest, Hungary: Fisherman’s Bastion!

Our FAVORITE place in all of Budapest, we spent hours exploring the beautiful white washed neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque terrace. Opened in 1902, one can have aerial views of all of Pest. Walking around Fishermans Bastion is like walking around a real fairy tale. Be sure to stop at Ruszwurm Patisserie for a cake and coffee, if you can get a table (details under the food section in this post)!

Hours: The lower and upper parts of the Fisherman’s Bastion are always open.

Cost: Most of Fisherman’s Bastion is free, except for upper tours, which have a small entrance fee of 800HUF ($3USD)

Fisherman’s Bastion Website

Matthias Church

Matthias Church, located at Fisherman's Bastion in Budapest, Hungary, has a beautiful, multi-colored mosaic rooftop
Matthias Church, Budapest, Hungary: Enjoy The Detail Of The Mosaic Rooftop

Located in Fisherman’s Bastion, Matthias church is one of the first churches (opening in 1015) ever in Budapest and it is absolutely unforgettable. The mosaic on the roof will have you staring for hours. I was truly memorized by the church itself and its surrounding Fisherman’s Bastion.

Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, Sat 9am-1pm, Sun 1pm-5pm

Cost: 1500HUF ($5.70USD)

Jewish District

For a true historial experience in Budapest, head over the Jewish District. The narrow streets are full of charm with lots of shops and restaurants.

Jewish District Info

Heroes Square (Hősök Tere) & City Park

Heroes square is a historical site in Budapest, Hungary
Heroes Square (Hősök Tere), Budapest, Hungary
Photo Credi:

Be sure to take a stroll through City Park and Heroes square on your visit: a historical square which features the Seven Chieftains of the Magyars as well as the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. City Park is a great place to run or have an afternoon picnic in the summer months.

Szechenyi Baths

Szechenyi Baths, in Budapest, Hungary, from above with its bright yellow colored building and extra large blue bath
The Most Visited Thermal Bath In All Of Budapest, Hungary: Szechenyi Baths
Photo Credit:

Thermal baths are all the rage in Budapest and Szechenyi Bath is absolutely the most popular. We decided to check out Gellert Baths instead, but Szechenyi is definitely worth stopping at after visiting Hero’s Square, especially in the cold, winter months. 

Hours: 6am-10pm daily

Cost: 18 Euro (21.60USD)

Szechenyi Baths Website

Gellert Spa

Gellert Spa was so kind to host us as guests for the day and, if you’re into public hot springs, then I’d highly recommend them! They have many different baths ranging in various temperatures from cold to hot. Be sure to bring flip flops and your own towels, or you’ll have to pay to rent theirs (and many get stolen). They even have a cafe upstairs, if you work up an appetite swimming around the pools!

Hours: 6am-8pm daily

Cost: 20 Euros (24USD)

Gellert Spa Website

Budapest Opera House

Budapest (Hungary) Opera House from the exterior
Budapest, Hungary: Opera House
Photo Credit:

An absolutely gorgeous structure from the outside, the Budapest Opera House is worth taking a stroll by to grab a photo and admire, even if you don’t enter inside.

Opera House Website

St. Stephens Basilica

St. Steven's Basilica as seen from the outside in Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary-St. Steven’s Basilica: An Architectural Lovers Dream

The beautiful, historical Roman Catholic Church of the city.

Hours: 9am-5pm, service every day at 6pm

Cost: Free, Guided tours available M-F 10 am- 3 pm, for HUF 2,000 (7.72USD).

St. Stephen’s Basilica Website

Vorosmarty Square (Christmas Market)

Josh and Miehsa drinking mulled wine at the Christmas Market at Vorosmarty Square in Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, Hungary Christmas Market at Vorosmarty Square

If you’re lucky enough to be visiting the city during the Christmas months, then head to Vorosmarty Square for a lovely Christmas Market filled with delicious food, treats and homemade crafts. For more retail fixes, take a stroll up Vaci Street afterward.

Vorosmarty Square Info

Gym NR1 Fitness

An AWESOME gym that is quiet, clean and has great equipment. It’s also open 24 hours. Simply sign up and pay online and you’ll be given a code to enter on the keypad outside the door of the gym. One entry will cost about 2,000HUF (7.72USD).

NR1Fitness Budapest

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Budapest, Hungary: The ‘Pearl of the Danube’

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