Hong Kong is easily one of our top 5 favorite cities, as it has SO much character, energy and things to do! It reminds me of the Asian version of New York, but with mountains and more picturesque landscapes.

How To Get Around Hong Kong:

Hong Kong In 3 Days

Taxi: Taxis are clean and metered in HK and are the fastest way to get around. They are easily flagged down in the street and are color coded for which regions they go to. From the airport to SOHO, take a 20 minute red taxi for about $295HKD ($35USD) or to TST (Tsim Sha Tsui) for $240HKD ($30USD). There are staff members at the airport to help assist in the English to Chinese translation to the driver for your destination.

Note: Many taxi drivers don’t speak good English, so have your destination in Chinese on your phone prior to leaving for more convenience.

Subway (MTR): A more cost affective way for travel in HK. There is an airport express line that will take you to Hong Kong Station in 25 minutes for $100HKD ($13USD). The subway is easy to navigate in comparison to other major cities in Asia.

Note: Check with your hotel, as many offer free shuttle pickups from the airport.

Airport SIM Card:

To make your stay easier in HK, it’s advisable to purchase a prepaid SIM card at HK airport 7-11’s for about $10USD. Note: Your phone must be unlocked.

The easiest place to buy SIM cards is in the arrivals hall of Terminal 1. In the middle next to HSBC is a Seven Eleven 7-11 where they carry SIM cards you can pop into your unlocked phone. The cards are available behind the cashier so you’ll need to wait in line and ask the cashier to pull it out.

Where To Stay In Hong Kong:


Airbnb is a great option in Hong Kong! For $34 off your first booking, check out my discount code!

We stayed in an amazingly located Airbnb, that is sadly unavailable anymore. I’d totally recommend getting an Airbnb in SOHO, as it’s a great starting location for all the awesome sights and has great food options.

For $36 off your first Airbnb booking, click HERE:

Butterfly on Wellington (SOHO):

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: https://www.booking.com/hotel/hk/butterfly-on-wellington.html

The Butterfly On Wellington’s rooms are small (just like NYC), but the location is paramount, especially for the price. $116USD/night

Lan Kwai Fong Hotel (SOHO):

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: https://www.booking.com/hotel/hk/lan-kwai-fong.en-gb.html

Lan Kwai Fong Hotel is an affordable accommodation nearby the nightlife street of Lan Kwai Fong. $121USD/night

Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel (TST): 

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: http://www.marcopolohotels.com/

Centrally located in TST, the Marco Polo Hotel offers up a cocktail terrace with EPIC views of Victoria Harbour. $184USD

Where To Eat In Hong Kong:

Peel Street Espresso Bar:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Avocado toast is on point

Peel Street Espresso Bar is an excellent spot for a quick morning breakfast and coffee. Get the Avo Toast or Banana/Nutella Bagel…they’re divine.

Wagyu (Wundham Street):

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Wagyu’s breakfast was delish

Wagyu is the PERFECT sit down breakfast spot, but a bit more on the expensive side. Create your own mega-omlet or get the bacon egg burger, they’re both amazing!

Tipping Point Brewery Co:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: http://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/article/1520251/design-file-alberto-puchetti

Breweries are always a great idea! We loved Tipping Point Brewery, HK’s first brew pub, with great beers on tap!

Wooloomooloo Prime:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
For EPIC eats and views, head here

For EPIC views of the city with an outstanding menu, Wooloomooloo is perfect…but at a VERY steep cost. This is totally a special occasion place, but worth every dollar. Order the filet mignon, topped with crab meat and served with four different dipping sauces. YUM!

Paisanos New York Style Pizza:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Pizza is always my fave

We’re rooming around SOHO and I couldn’t believe that we stumbled upon a NYC style pizza place. Paisanos is great because they’re open late, quick and have draught beer. TOTAL win!


Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo CreditL https://en.tripadvisor.com.hk/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g294217-d3171948 i192983012-DimDimSum_Dim_Sum_Specialty_Store_Wan_Chai-Hong_Kong.html

I think it’d actually be illegal if you came to Hong Kong and didn’t eat Dim Sum. The Chinese Food Gods would totally strike you with lightning. Dim Sum is the Chinese version of tapas and THE food to eat for lunch in Hong Kong. Dim Dim Sum is affordable and delicious.

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: http://www.timhowan.com/our-dim-sum/

Tim Ho Wan is THE iconic franchise of Hong Kong. Because they’ve expanded all over Asia, I was able to try one of their delicious char siu bao’s (bbq pork bun) in Singapore and I was immediately hooked-they are DIVINE.

Ozone Bar-The Highest Bar In the World:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: https://www.yogawinetravel.com/the-best-rooftop-bars-to-grab-a-drink-at-in-hong-kong

Ozone Bar view is breathtaking, even though the drinks are ridiculously overpriced.  Located at the Ritz Carlton in West Kowloon. TIP: Take the Star Ferry from SOHO over to TST for dinner, then hop a taxi to Ozone.

Lan Kwai Fong:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/in/dine-drink/where-to-eat/lan-kwai-fong.jsp

Lan Kwai Fong is THE place for nightlife in Hong Kong. We went out fora  night on the town, hopping from bar to bar, people watching and enjoying the music. The street is full of people of all ages just wanting to rock out in HK and have a good time. Hard Rock Cafe is also located here.

What To Do In Hong Kong:

You can easily do Hong Kong in 3 days, spending the first day in SOHO, the second on Lantau Island and the third day doing Dragon’s Back Hike!

Graham Street Wet Market (SOHO):

Hong Kong In 3 Days
The outdoor markets are full of unforgettable colors, sights and smells

Graham Street Wet Market is located between Queen’s Road Central and Hollywood Road, this is HK’s oldest street market (160+ years!). Grab a coffee to go form a cafe and walk around and enjoy all the fresh fish, veggies, fruits and sights.

Peak Tram:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
View’s from the top of the Peak Tram are unforgettable

Hong Kong’s #1 tourist attraction, the Peak Tram an absolute MUST see! If you only do one thing on my list, let this be it. The Peak offers EPIC views of the city, with multiple restaurants and shopping available as well (plan to stay a while).

The tram runs from 7am-Midnight daily and departs every 15 minutes. Tickets for the tram and Sky Pass cost HKD $88 ($11USD) for a return ticket and $75HKD ($9.50USD) one way.

TIP: Go 2.5 hours prior to sunset in order to get to the top to see the view by day/night. The line for the tram is VERY long (we waited 1.5 hours). If you encounter a long line, purchase a one-way ticket and take a taxi back down the mountain, unless you’re comfortable with waiting another 1.5 hours in line to go back down. Carpool down the mountain in the taxi, as it’s outrageously overpriced. Note: You can purchase tickets for the tram without the Sky Pass, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Star Ferry Across Victoria Harbor: 

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/us/see-do/highlight-attractions/harbour-view/star-ferry.jsp

Named by National Geographic as one of the ‘fifty places of a lifetime,’ the Star Ferry is also a MUST do while in HK. This taxi used to be the major passenger connection between HK Island and Kowloon Peninsula. Tickets start at 100HKD ($12.75USD) for a day round trip and go up to 180HKD ($23USD) for a night roundtrip ticket.

Central World Escalators: 

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Central World Escalators are so fun

Made in 1993 to to provide a better commute by linking areas within the Central and Western District on Hong Kong Island. The Central Mid Level Escalators are the longest outdoor covered escalator system in the world, coving over 800 meters (2,600 ft) and elevating over 135 meters (443 ft) from bottom to top. It’s definitely another MUST see while visiting HK.

The escalators have 12 entry/exit points, but I recommend entering at Stanley, Wellington or Gage StreetsUniquely.

Ngong Ping Cable Car:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: http://www.discoverhongkong.com/uk/see-do/great-outdoors/outlying-islands/lantau-island/ngong-ping-360.jsp

Ngong Ping Cable Cars are a 25-minute cable car ride that connects Ngong Ping plateau with the town of Tung Chung. It’s a great way to get up close to the Tian Tan Buddha/Po Lin Monastery, without taking a bus. The cost to ride the cable car is  $185/255HKD ($24/$33USD) roundtrip. Note: You can also take a bus or taxi up to the top, but I suggest taking the cable car at least one way.

Tian Tan Buddha Lantau Island: 

Hong Kong In 3 Days
Photo Credit: https://www.pinterest.es/pin/341429215479280086/

The Big Buddha is located on Lantau Island a GIANT 34 meter (111.55 feet) bronze statue (the largest in the world), on top of the mountain. Have lunch at the Po Lin Monastery after visiting. Do wear good shoes, because you’ll need to climb 250 steps!

Hong Kong Tram Ways:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
The tram is a super fun way to get around the city

The Hong Kong Tram is a super fun way to ride around Hong Kong and is one of the earliest forms of public transport in the city! You can purchase a 4 day pass for 34HKD ($4.50USD) or a single ticket for 2.30HKD ($0.30USD).

Dragon’s Back Hike:

Hong Kong In 3 Days
You MUST do the Dragon’s Back Hike!

Our FAVORITE attraction in Hong Kong. I’ve written a separate Blog Post for this because there are so many details! Be sure to check it out!

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