The Dragon’s Back Hike is one of the MOST beautiful hikes we’ve done in all our travels. It offers EPIC views of the city, mountains, coast and sea! This was our FAVORITE attraction in all of Hong Kong and it cannot be missed!

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Where To Start The Dragon’s Back Hike:

Hong Kong: The Unforgettable Dragon's Back Hike
The View Is Always Worth The Climb

There are two different starting points for the hike…

2+ hour Hike: Take a taxi to the entrance of Shek O Country Park at the corner of Shek O Road and Cape Collins Road.  To save money, you can take the MTR to Chai Wan Station then take a taxi to the park entrance.  Google Maps: Shek O Country Park Entrance

Hong Kong: The Unforgettable Dragon's Back Hike

1+ Hour Hike:  Start at the location down Shek O Road near Hong Kong Hobie Club. There is a bus that stops in front of the entrance (or take a taxi). NOTE: there is little traffic in this area, so when we finished at this location, we had to wait 15 minutes to find an available cab going back into the city. Google Maps: Shek O Road Link


Hong Kong: The Unforgettable Dragon's Back Hike

Things To Note About The Dragon’s Back Hike:

Hong Kong: The Unforgettable Dragon's Back Hike

This is a moderately strenuous hike.

It is HOT! Be prepared to sweat!

Wear proper footwear (tennis shoes or hiking boots).

Bring sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, bug spray, plenty of water (3 bottles+ per person), and a small towel.

Toilets are at each entrance, but none along the trail.

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