Itinerary: Japan in 14 days

Japan is one of our favorite countries of all time. It offers so much to see and do: temples, shrines, big city hustle and bustle, snow sports and state of the art architecture. Not to mention that the food is OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD delicious at every turn. The Japanese are easily the friendliest, gentlest and most orderly people we’ve ever encountered. I’ve outlined a 14-day itinerary to ensure you’ll see as much of this gorgeous country as possible.

For more specific details on attractions in each city, check out the Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo, Niseko and Sapporo Blog Posts! 

Best Time To Go: October, November (fall) & March, April, May (spring)

Day 1: OsakaItinerary: Japan in 14 days

Day 2-5: KyotoItinerary: Japan in 14 days

Day 6: Nara, Hiroshima or Mount FujiItinerary: Japan in 14 days

Day 7-9: TokyoItinerary: Japan in 14 days

Day 10-13: NisekoItinerary: Japan in 14 days

Day 14: SapporoItinerary: Japan in 14 days

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