Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is one of the coolest European cities I’ve been to thus far in my travels. The food is hearty, the beer is amazing, the architecture is on point and the history is incredible! We spent one week here, but you could easily see the city in two-four days.

When To Go:

Spring, summer and fall are the busiest times of year, when the weather is nice, but we visited in November, when the town was decorated with Christmas lights and warm mulled wine was being sold with chimney cakes. It was truly magical.


The accepted form of currency is the Czech Koruna. Money changers were fair while we visited, but it’s best to extract cash from an ATM for the best rates.

Where To Stay:

We are always faithful users of Airbnb, because I LOVE to cook and we always have Miesha with us (our fluffy dog). Our Airbnb in Prague was absolutely perfect. Perfect location nestled outside the city (10 minute train ride), accommodating host, clean, cutely decorated and the perfect price. We LOVE staying in local neighborhoods when we travel, as we get more of a traveller experience instead of just being tourists and this Airbnb was a perfect fit for what we wanted.

Airbnb Prague Link

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How To Get Around:

SUBWAY: The subway is super easy to use in Prague and is inexpensive.

WALKING: As always, you can get some exercise in and save some cash by walking, although the city is quite vast, so wear comfy shoes!

UBER: We were SO happy that Uber was available in the Czech Republic, as we didn’t have it in Spain for six weeks. The Uber’s were affordable and reliable, much like everywhere else.

Where To Eat:

Czech food is comfort food. It’s heavy, dense and perfect for the winter months. We fell in love with all the amazing treats and meats.

U Slamu:

Photo Credit:

For the BEST local Czech food, you MUST eat here! Fortunately, it’s located outside the city center, which means that it won’t be overpriced. We loved this restaurant so much, we ate here at least four times out of the seven we were in Prague. Be SURE to get the goulash, it’s the signature dish of the Czech Republic and is absolutely delicious. Enjoy a local, Pilsner beer with your entree as well. Do bring your appetite, as portions here are HUGE!

U Slamu Website

U Medvidku: 

For a traditional Czech restaurant in the city, don’t miss U Medvidku. Here you can enjoy all the traditional Czech dishes in a restaurant that dates back to 1466. The decor is one of a kind and their Brewery is the largest beerhall in Prague. Be SURE to stop and order the XBEER-33, the world’s STRONGEST BEER, at 12.6% alcohol. It tastes like a sweet cola and will knock your socks off!

U Medvidku Website

Must Try Foods/Beverages of Prague:


Goulash is the traditional dish of the Czech Republic. It is a rich, slow cooked, beef stew meat and is served with dumplings.

Svickova-Braised Beef with Dumplings

Tenderloin beef served in a flavorful gravy, served with cranberry sauce and dumplings. I didn’t love this one as much as the goulash.

Pork Knuckle 

Photo Credit: g274707-d819580-i98059439-U_Kroka-Prague_Bohemia.html

Roasted pork knuckle is another famous dish of Prague and is served bone in.

Trdelnik-Chimney Cakes

One of my FAVORITE desserts in all of Europe…chimney cakes are a sweet pastry, made with dough and roasted over a wooden cylinder. Upon finishing, they are rolled in sugar, cinnamon, and many other items of your choice. The BEST is to get it served with ice cream or Nutella inside. YUM!

Pilsner Urquell

The world’s first blonde lager that is still brewed in the Czech Republic.

Svarak-Mulled Wine

Photo Credit:

Nothing warms you up from the cool temperatures like mulled wine. Wine is heated, spiced, and combined with sweetens and citrus fruit. It is absolutely a MUST if you’re visiting during the winter months.


Photo Credit:

There is NO shortage of sausage, or parek in Czech, in this great city. All over, you’ll find sausage stands selling klobása, hot dogs, sausage and SO much more. I’ve read that some of these stands are not hygienic and was told to not to eat at them, but we enjoyed a lovely sausage in Wenceslas Square  on a cold winter day and it turned out just fine.

What To Do: 


Prague can be divided up into two sections for sight seeing, Old Town & Mala Strana. Each section can be seen in one entire day, but they definitely will be busy days.

Old Town Square: 

Old Town Square was our favorite spot in all of Prague. We loved sipping mulled wine, eating chimney cakes and basking in the beauty of the square and the magnificent Tyn Church (it’s gothic spires are unforgettable). Be sure to check out Old Town Hall and St. Nicholas Church.

Old Town Square Info

Astronomical Clock 

Close to the top of the hour, head to the south side of the square and check out the 600-year-old Astronomical Clock, which displays all twelve apostles when the hour strikes.

Astronomical Clock Info

  Wenceslas Square and The National Museum

Photo Credit:

One of the main city squares of Prague, Wenceslas square is great for shopping and eating street food (sausage)!  The gorgeous National Museum is located at the far end of the square and was under construction when we visited, so the photos from the outside were less than desirable. The actual building is closed for reconstruction until 2020, but the annex, the National Museum New Building is open and holds many exhibitions.

Hours: May-Sept 10am-6pm, Oct-Apr 9am-5pm

Cost: 250 CZK (11.50USD)

National Museum Website  

Wenceslas Square Info

Sigmund Freud Statue

Created by David Cerny in 1996, this totally unique (and semi-disturbing) statue depicts Sigmund Freud dangling by one hand, pondering whether to hold on or let go. It can be found at the intersection of Husova and Skorepka streets. 

Sigmund Freud Statue


Just over the river, crossing over Charles Bridge from Old Town, is the beautiful Mala Strana. Also known as Lesser Town, Mala Strana has unforgettable narrow cobble stone streets lined with pubs, cafes and shops.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava River and was finished in 15th century. This bridge is VERY packed with tourists, so if you’re looking for a great photo, then I suggest seeing it in the early morning.

Charles Bridge Info

Lennon Wall

One of my favorite sites in all of Prague, The Lennon Wall originally was painted in 1988 by students who admired Lennon’s message for peace (although Lennon himself never visited Prague).

Lennon Wall Info

Petrin Lookout

The BEST way to see Prague from above is  Petrin Lookout Tower, a structure resembling the Eiffel Tower at 64m (209ft) in height. Enjoy the beautiful hike up the hill or save your legs and take the funicular to the top for 32CZK (1.50USD). Once inside the tower, you can climb the 299 steps to the top, or pay an additional fee to take the lift.

Cost: 120CZK (5.50USD) Adults, 65CZK (3.00) Children CASH ONLY

Hours: Jan/Feb/Nov/Dec 10am-6pm, Mar/Oct 10am-8pm, Apr-Sept 10am-10pm,

Petrin Lookout Website

Prague Castle & Changing of the Guard

Photo Credit:

 Prague Castle is the official office of the President of Prague and is the most popular tourist attraction in the entire city. Be sure to check out the changing of the guard, which happens hourly.

Cost: 350 CZK Adults ($16USD)

Hours: Apr-Oct 9am-5pm, Nov-Mar 9am-4pm

Prague Castle Website

St. Vitus Cathedral

Photo Credit:

Located in Prague Castle, St. Vitus is a massive Roman Catholic Cathedral that can’t be missed.

Cost: 350 CZK Adults ($16USD)

Hours: Apr-Oct 9am-5pm, Nov-Mar 9am-4pm

St. Vitus Cathedral Website


Solarium Fitness BBC:

A massive gym, Solarium Fitness has everything that you need to exercise. It’s clean and the equipment is well kept, but it is very busy at peak hours. One workout will cost around $9USD.

Solarium Fitness Website

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