Seville is the capital of southern Spain’s Andalusia region. The city is bustling with culture, history, colors, music and delicious food. I totally fell in the love with the architecture of this city, it seems there’s ornate details at every single turn. Seville is truly the heart of Spanish culture with its Flamenco dances, authentic tapas and beautiful people.


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When To Go To Seville:

Of course the spring and summer months are high seasons for tourism in Sevilla, but the fall and winter are great times to visit as there are less crowds and the weather is on point at around 65F (18C) and sunny. We came in October and the weather was so so perfect!

Where To Stay:

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We are always faithful users of Airbnb, because I LOVE to cook and we always have Miesha with us (our fluffy dog). Our Airbnb in Seville was fantastic. It’s located close to nightlife/restaurants/bars and the center of town, but also in a quiet residential neighborhood. The apartment was one of the biggest we’ve stayed in, with a large kitchen, two bedrooms, a set of bunk beds and a sleeper sofa. You could literally sleep 8 people here comfortably, as long as everyone would be cool with sharing one bathroom.

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How To Get Around Spain:

Walking: Seville is a walking city, so strap on your shoes and get ready to go!

Taxi: Taxi’s are readily available all over town and are safe, clean and affordable. A ride from the airport to the train station of town from the center  of town is about $15Euros.

Renfe Train: For quick, easy transport all around the country, Renfe Train’s are the way to go, although they’re most costly than an Alsa Bus (and they don’t offer Wifi or power outlets). Renfe allows pets on board as well, for a minimal additional feel. 

Alsa Coach Bus: The MOST cost affective way to travel around Spain, if you have the extra time to spare. Alsa booked via BusBud  is fantastic-the seats are super comfortable, the rates are affordable, and the bus has free wifi. Do note that they do not allow pets on board, so you’ll have to take the train.  Book through BusBud, a reputable website.

Where To Eat In Seville:

The food in this city is some of my favorite in Europe. It’s quite an experience to sit outside in a Spanish Plaza, sip Spanish wine and eat Spanish tapas. It’s Magic!

Casa Paco:

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

Located in the Alameda de Hércules, Casa Paco has delicious tapas at affordable rates. Grab a table outside and order a bottle of wine. The pork cheek and goat cheese are mouthwateringly delicious and make for a perfect evening under the stars.


Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture
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El Rinconcillo is a tapas bar that dates back to 1670 and is a MUST see while you’re in Seville, if you can get in. This restaurant is packed to the brim in the evenings, so it’s best to go during the day before the crowd invades.

Alameda de Hercules: 

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture
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The Alameda de Hercules is a great spot for nightlife and inexpensive delicious food matched with a great atmosphere. If you can stay near the plaza, you’d be in a prime residental location! Be sure to stop and take a photo with the Pillars of Hercules and grab some late night pizza at La Tradizionale.

What To Do In Seville:

Alcazar (Game of Thrones): Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

The Real Alcazar is one of the most beautiful structures I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. This incredible Moorish style architectural palace, built in the 10th century is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Are you a Game of Thrones fanatic like we are? Head to The Ambassadors’ Hall (Salón de Embajadores) and you’ll see the place, in Season 5, where Jamie Lanister journeys to Dorn to collect his daughter Marcella. It’s best to buy tickets ahead of time, to skip the line. We went in the off season and still had to wait about 30 minutes. Cost per entry is €9.50 per adult entry.

See a Flamenco Show at La Casa del Flamenco:

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

You cannot come to Seville and NOT see a Flamenco show, it would be almost against the law. Flamenco is the traditional style dance of Southern Spain, originating in 1774, which includes guitar playing and singing. La Casa Del Flamenco puts on such beautiful show and is truly art in motion. The costumes worn by the dancers flow so beautifully with their graceful movements. I’m was totally in awe.

Cost per entry is €18.00.  Hours variety by season but you will need to purchase tickets beforehand. Tip: Arrive early and queue up for the best seat in the house. 

Metropol Parasol

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

Completed in 2011, Metropol Parasol is a massive wooden structure (I think it looks like a giant waffle and it made me hungry) designed by German architect Jürgen Mayer. Be sure to pay the €3 to head to the observatory at the top-it’s a really cool pathway with views overlooking the city.  Your entry purchase includes a free postcard in the gift shop and a free drink at a bar around the corner

Seville Cathedral & Giralda Tower:

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

The world’s largest gothic cathedral, Sevilla Cathedral was constructed in 1434 and 1517. Inside, you’ll also see the tomb of Christopher Columbus. Giralda is the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral and admission is included with your ticket to Seville Cathedral. DO NOT MISS climbing to the top of the tower for EPIC views of Seville. Cost of entry is €8 per person.

Barrio Santa Cruz:

Barrio Santa Cruz is the historical district of Seville and, naturally, the primary tourist neighborhood. The Jewish quarter is also located here as well as many of the main sites to see. The narrow streets and architecture of this area are truly unforgettable, so get sure to have your camera!

Plaza de Espana: 

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

The Plaza de Espana Website is a massive, gorgeous structure with true Spanish architecture, constructed in 1928. Save your time and money and skip the boat ride around the canal in front. Check out the views from the North tower while you’re there. This sight is free tour, which is always a good thing!

Torre Del Oro (The Gold Tower):

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

The Torre Del Oro can be found along the Guadalquivir River. Constructed in the 13th century, this 36 meter-high tower was once used as a watchtower and is now a Naval museum. Cost to enter is €3, but we just admired from afar.

Plaza de Toros-Maestranza

Seville, Spain: The Heart Of True Spanish Culture

While bullfighting is quite controversial in Spain, a visit to the Plaza de Toros is still a must see to learn about the history of it all. The Plaza is gorgeous inside and out. Be sure to check to the free tours, given every 30 minutes. Cost of entry is €8.

Gym In Seville:

Sevilla Gym is clean and has great customer service. For 7Euros per visit, you can get in a great workout with an abidance of equipment, free weights and machines.

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