Top 10 Best Travel Apps

After traveling Asia for 2.5 years, these are the Apps we ABSOLUTELY cannot live without, but be sure to download prior to leaving for your trip…as the internet may not be fast enough for download upon arrival!

10. Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio is my GO TO for booking transportation by plane, train ,ferry, bus or car.

Rome2Rio Website

9. iBooks

I’ve downloaded countless number of itineraries, confirmation letters, travel books and itineraries to this app. It’s super easy for pulling up quick info at an airport, etc.

Ibooks Info


We are SUPER health conscious individuals, being both Chiropractors & Yoga Teachers and, although we like to enjoy local cuisine when we travel, we utilize The HowUdish App when we travel in the USA. HowUdish helps us find healthy options at nearby restaurants with detailed nutrition facts.

Note: Payment was made to review HowUdish, but we only review things we really stand behind, and this app is one of them! 

HowUDish Website

7. Google Translate 

This App has helped SO much while traveling Asia, especially in China and Taiwan, where English was limited. It works offline too, which is great!

Google Translate Website

6. TripAdvisor

My Go-To- App in every country and in every city. We’ve found amazing restaurants, excursions and hotels through TripAdvisor.

TripAdvisor Website

5. Skype

There’s NO better way to make international phone calls than with Skype. Be sure to load credit prior to leaving your home country, as we ran into a jam with some countries not allowing us to load credit while we were there (South Korea and China).

Skype Website

4. Google Maps

This is a no brainer…we used this EVERYWHERE! FYI, you can pre-load your map while connected to wifi and it will still work while your roaming around and not connected to the internet. Do note that Google does NOT work in China, so use Maps.Me instead.

Google Maps Website

3. Units Plus Converter

Definitely one of my favorite and most utilized apps, Units Plus is simple to use and has currency, weight, speed, temperature, length conversions and MANY more…plus it works offline! It’s been especially helpful while shopping abroad and converting dollars.

Units Plus Currency Converter App

2. WhatsApp

The BEST way to text/call anyone all over the world. Do note that the person you are calling/texting MUST have this app downloaded as well. The app works with wifi.

WhatsApp Website

1. Airbnb

Airbnb is probably one of the best ideas ever made…we used it SO much while traveling and saved a TON of money (especially in Japan!). Get $40 off your first time use with our promo code, just follow the link:


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