Are you looking to go on your first big trip overseas or are simply trying to modify your packing list? We’ve been living out of a suitcase for years now, I have to tell you, it really isn’t easy at first, but you get the hang of it!

I’ve outlined 15 ESSENTIAL (+3) items that WE cannot travel without. These items are our lifelines everywhere we go and help us live and work on the road.

1. The Buddy Pouch 

10 Essential Items For Traveling The World

I cannot tell you how many people I know that have had their passport and money stolen while traveling…it’s endless! Having that happen in the middle of your trip can put a HUGE damper on things, so it’s best to come prepared. We’ve been using the Buddy Pouch for years now, in over 30 countries, and (knock on wood) we’ve never had a problems.

I suggest putting all your money and passport inside the pouch and wearing it on the plane and when in transit to your accommodation. I know a fellow travelista that had her cash stolen out of her purse while sleeping on a plane!

2. A Reliable Suitcase

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Luggage is NOT inexpensive and I quickly realized that cheaping out on luggage would leave me with a busted wheel or zipper mid way through my trip. SO we invested in the Samsonite Freeform Hardside Spinner  and, I have to tell you, we’ve traveled to 30 countries with them and they still function like they’re brand new.

3. A Camera or Two 

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Taking photos and video of your travels is essential and you MUST bring a great, affordable, reliable camera along with you. While some travelers get by just with their cell phones these days (they do take pretty good pics), others bring along a giant DSLR camera (which is totally on our list to purchase).

When we decided to go on the road full time, we knew we needed something portable, small, and reliable along with being a camera that took great shots. Look no further than the GoPro. We have the GoPro HERO4 Silver and GoPro HERO5 Black, both of which take fantastic photos and videos. These cameras are tiny and built for durability-we’ve taken them diving, snowboarding and jumping out of airplanes.

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Additionally the second most important piece of camera equipment we have to use with our GoPro HERO5 Black is the GoPro Camera Karma Grip. This amazing piece of equipment stabilizes all of the footage for our videos. We can literally ride a bike or go on a bumpy tuck tuck ride and the footage will be super smooth.

4. A Drone15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Ok so we could absolutely travel the world without the drone, but how would we get such amazing footage? Josh, my husband handles all filming and videography and really likes the GoPro Karma Drone because it’s less expensive and goes with the GoPro Camera we already had. The average flight time is 20 minutes, so he recommends purchasing an additional GoPro Karma Battery.

5. A Reliable Computer

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Because we work from home and can travel anywhere, our computers are an ESSENTIAL item to our life. We both purchased MacBook Pro’s 5 years ago and, while they’re still working like well-oiled machines, they are HEAVY AF! I suggest purchasing a light weight computer, such as the MacBook Air (this will be my next purchase).

6. Luggage Scale 

10 Essential Items For Traveling The World

The best way to avoid weight overages at the airport is to have a luggage weigher with you when you travel. The Travelon Micro-Scale is lightweight and accurate and has saved us a LOT of money from paying extra for overweight bags.

7. Backpack 

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

I am OBSESSED with The North Face Women’s Surge Laptop Backpack. We traveled all of Asia and now half of Europe with ours. It’s SUPER spacious, has a LOT of compartments and is spine friendly (we’re both chiropractors so you know we have to look out for our backs)! If you want to travel without a suitcase or a GIANT backpack, but still need to bring your computer, then this is a great investment.

8. Reusable Water Bottle

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

After diving in many countries all over the world, Josh and I came to realize how much plastic exists in our oceans (so so sad). We try to reduce our plastic usage as much as possible and, the best way to do that, is with a reusable water bottle. Not only are you saving the environment by purchasing and using one of these, but you’re saving money on buying bottled water as well (unless you’re in remote areas where the tap water is not safe to drink).  We liked the Healthy Human Curve Stainless Steel Insulated Travel Sports Water Bottle.

9. Converters

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

You cannot travel without bringing along a power adaptor. We’ve gone through at least 20 of these things in the past 4 years and the two most realiable we found were the Worldwide All in One Universal Travel Adaptor and the Apple World Travel Adapter Kit. We like adapters with multiple USB ports, so you can charge multiple devices at one time. It’s best to get 2 adaptors per person, just in case one breaks. 

10. Headphones 

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World15 Essential Items For Traveling The World15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

We are devoted Beats By Dre fans, as they’re durable and sweat proof (we exercise a lot). Josh has the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones and the Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones.  I don’t like big bulky things on my ears, but prefer wireless headphones and I’ve totally been happy with BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones for over a year now.  Of course, the good old fashioned headphones are just fine as well and are much less risky when carrying them around to different countries.

11. Power Pack

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

We love going out and exploring everywhere we go and, all too often, my phone used to die from taking so many pictures. Thankfully, Josh’s brother gifted us with the Anker Portable Charger and it’s been a total blessing ever since. We throw this in our bag along with an phone cord and it’s always there to lend a hand when our batteries are low. Do note that it’s semi-heavy, but totally worth the extra weight. 

12. Sunglasses

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Protecting your eyes from the sun is a MUST when traveling! I like to bring a cheap pair with me just in case I lose them.

13. Medication

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

The WORST thing ever is being sick abroad and it’s happened to us several times. While you can find a pharmacy in any town, you may be caught sick at a time when there’s a public holiday and things are closed. We always bring these essentials with us: activated charcoal (for gastric issues), Aleve (naproxen), antibiotics and cough drops.

14. Tampons

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Sorry for all the gentlemen reading this, but I definitely need to share this info for my ladies! MANY countries in the world do not use tampons, so you must bring as many as you’ll need for your trip (or a menstrual cup, whichever you prefer). We’ve been fortunate enough to find them in big cities where I can stock up, but many times we’re traveling in remote areas without the option.

15. Extra Underwear & Socks

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

The only thing I always run out of when traveling is underwear and socks (for cold climates), so pack a few extra just in case!

 BONUS #16: Wine Key

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

Truth be told…we LOVE wine! I cannot tell you how many times we checked into a hotel or Airbnb with a nice bottle of wine from duty free and didn’t have a way to open it. So now, we pack a wine key, so we’re always prepared! Cheers!

Did I miss anything on the list?! What are some essentials that you pack that I didn’t cover? Share in the comments below! XOXO

BONUS #17: Travelers Insurance

15 Essential Items For Traveling The World

When I was younger, I used to ignorantly travel without travelers insurance  because I thought it was expensive and I didn’t want to fork out the extra cash. Travelers Insurance is a MUST when you travel for SO many reasons…if your bag gets delayed or lost, your flight gets canceled, or you crash your scooter in Bali. World Nomads makes it super affordable and easy to have coverage and we’ve used them for years all over the globe. If you’re coming from the USA, I also recommend Geo Blue. We’ve had a great experience with them and their customer service when we’ve traveled from the USA outbound.

BONUS #18: Airbnb

We've traveled the entire world staying in Airbnb's and it's truly the BEST! For $34 off your first Airbnb booking, check out my discount code!

We often get questions of how we can afford to stay in places for so long. Airbnb has been the BEST option thus far and we’ve stayed in over 50 of them worldwide! Staying in a hotel can be super costly and many Airbnb hosts offer weekly and monthly discounts, which help save money, support local home owners, allow you to meet incredible locals and put you in a great location where all the culture and fun is! For $34 off your first Airbnb, check out my discount code!

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  1. Thank you so much for checking out my list! A drone is definitely a great investment for photos/videos, but they can be quite dangerous, so just be careful and only fly where it’s permitted 🙂 Happy Travels Annabelle!!

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