Vienna, or Wien in German, is Austria’s capital and is an absolutely beautiful city, full of so much to see and do. My Grandfather grew up in Austria (Salzburg) prior to migrating to the USA, so this was a very special trip for me.


Vienna is just a 4 hour train ride from Prague and a one hour bus ride to Bratislava.

When To GoTo Vienna:

Spring, Summer and Fall are the high seasons for tourism, but the winter has its own special charm. There is an abundance of Christmas Markets strewn throughout the city, making it so incredibly festive, it’s like a fairy tale!

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How To Get Around Vienna:

SUBWAY: The subway is super easy to use in Vienna, although it is more pricey than Prague or Budapest.

WALKING: As always, you can get some exercise in and save some cash by walking, but if you’re staying outside of the city, it will be quite a long trek!

UBER: We were SO happy that Uber was available in Vienna. The Uber’s were affordable and reliable, much like everywhere else.

Where To Eat In Vienna:


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
You cannot come to Vienna and NOT eat schnitzel
Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
This schnitzel was massive!

Since 1905, Figlmueller has been making its famous original schnitzel. There are two different locations, just around the corner from each other: Figlmuller Wollzeile and Figlmuller Backerstrase. Two brothers are still maintaining the fourth generation restaurant today. You MUST get the schnitzel, but note that it is HUGE, so you can easily share it amongst two or three people. Be SURE to make a RESERVATION far in advance, as this is a VERY popular restaurant. Luckily, we snuck in without one, just the two of us, but we had to eat fairly quickly.

Strasser Brau

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Austrian beer makes me happy.
Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
The half rack of ribs was massive!

Strasser Brau is a cozy, relaxing restaurant, with delicious Austrian beer, food, and desserts! Do note the portions are VERY large here. We loved this restaurant so much, we ate here twice!


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Photo Credit:

Naschmarkt is the most popular market in Vienna, with local foods, beer, treats, produce and so much more! It’s a sight to see and a great place to eat, all at once! Check the weather before you go…it was pouring rain when we visited and would’ve been much more enjoyable to stroll around in good weather, as it’s an outdoor market.

Local Foods To Try:

There are SO many delicious foods and treats to eat in Vienna, you’ll surely gain 10 pounds while visiting (but I PROMISE, it’s worth it)!

Weiner Schnitzel

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Weiner Schnitzel is life in Vienna

Wiener Schnitzel is a thinly sliced, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet. If you only try one food in Vienna, let this be it (unless you’re a vegetarian, of course).


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Sausage stuffed with cheese….yes please!

If you love sausage, then you’ve come to the right country. Be SURE to get the one with cheese inside, you’ll thank me later! There are sausage stands all over the city and at every market, making it a perfectly delicious cheap meal or snack.

Kartoffelpuffer-Potato Fritter/Pancakes:

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Potato Pancakes are crispy and delicious!

Shredded potatoes pan seared and served with sour cream or other dipping sauces. Pure heaven.


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
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Since my Grandparents are both from Germany, I grew up constantly eating spatzle, which is basically a doughy noodle made of flour, egg and salt.


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
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While goulash originated in Hungary, each country in this region has their own version of the hearty dish. Goulash is essentially a beef stew, served with potatoes or dumplings. Its the perfect dish for the cold winter months.

Apfelstrudel-Apple Cake

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Schnapps and apple strudel made me more nostalgic than anything other foods in Vienna

My Grandfathers favorite dessert, Apfelstrudel is a warm apple cake served with ice cream. Wash it down with plum schnapps, and you’ve got yourself the perfect treat.

Sachertarte-Chocolate Cake

 Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Chocolate cake makes my soul happy

Viennese chocolate cake. This wasn’t my favorite, but of course, I still ate the whole piece.


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Photo Credit:

A shredded fluffy pancake full of yummy goodness.


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Chocolate is life in Austria!

Viennese chocolate shops are all over the city.  Heindl, Mamner, and Lindt are the most popular. Personally, I’m in love with Mamner’s thin wafters and Motzarkugeln. Be sure to check them out!

Gluwhein-Hot Wine

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Photo Credit:

Hot wine is life while visiting Vienna in the cold winter months. My favorite day was spent roaming around the Christmas Market sipping hot wine and looking at all the booths.

What To Do In Vienna: 

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Get The Vienna City Card!

If you’re a tourist that likes to visit the inside of all the major sights, to save some cash, it’s best to purchase the Vienna City Card or Vienna Pass. Take a look at the table below to see which one is best for you.

City Cards Review Vienna Pass City Card
Free entry to attractions  YES  NO
Free use of public traffic in core zone NO  YES
Free use of Hop on Hop Off buses YES NO
Discounts at attractions and much more  NO  YES
Free airport transfer  YES  NO
Price for 1 day € 59,00 € 13,90
Price for 2 days € 79,00 € 21,90
Price for 3 days € 99,00 € 24,90
Price for 6 days € 124,00 N/A

Schönbrunn Palace      Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do

Schoenbrunn Palace is an enormous, 1,441-room palace and is the former imperial summer residence. It is a MUST see while visiting Vienna. This place is massive and you could literally spend an entire day wandering around all its rooms and gardens. The price varies by access. For 22-room access, it costs 14.20. For 40 room access, it costs 17.50.

Hofburg Palace

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do

Hofburg Palace is the Imperial Palace of Vienna and the residence of the rulers of Austria until the end of WWI. Cost of entry is 13.90 per person.

Belvedere Palace Museum

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do

Belvedere Palace is a  GIANT Baroque Palace that houses Austria’s most prestigious and valuable art collections. The cost of entry is €20 for upper and lower Belvedere.  

St. Stephens Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is the STUNNING gothic church of Vienna. I’m such a sucker for gothic architecture and this cathedral doesn’t disappoint. Be sure to see this by day and night. The cost for entry is €5.50.

Karlskirche-St. Charles Church

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do

St. Charles Church is a beautiful baroque domed church. Cost of entry is €4.50.


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Photo Credit:

Albertina is a famous museum with over 65,000 drawings and 1 million old master prints. If you love art, be sure to not to miss this! The cost of entry is €14.

Vienna State Opera House

One of the world’s most prestigious Opera Houses, the Vienna State Opera House cannot be missed. It’s a beautiful building from both the interior and exterior. Cost of entry is €9,00 for a 40-minute guided tour.

Kunsthistorisches Museum

Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Photo Credit:

The famous art museum of Vienna is the Kunsthistorisches Museum. If you love art, then definitely see this museum as well. Cost per entry is €15 per person.


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
My Favorite Building In Vienna!

Vienna’s City Hall, the Rathaus was one of my favorite buildings in Vienna from the exterior, partially because there is a giant Christmas Market that takes place just outside. The Rathaus offers free guided tours on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 1pm.


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
Photo Credit:

For an architectural highlight, be sure to visit the exterior of the Hundertwasser House, an apartment complex built by the famous architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

Christmas Markets:


Vienna, Austria: What To See & Do
One of our favorite Christmas Markets in all of Europe!

My favorite part of Vienna was the Christmas Market, located just beside Rathaus. Strolling through the market, sipping hot wine, eating sausage and perusing all the booths was the highlight of our trip. We must’ve stayed at this small market for two hours!


 McFit is one of the largest gyms I’ve ever been in. This gym has three massive floors full of equipment and offers group fitness classes as well. Oliver, the manager, was especially kind to us and did not charge us entry for the entire week because we were just passing through Vienna as tourist.

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